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Guantanamo Baywatch (US) Köln

  Bumann & SOHN, Cologne  Tue. 05.09.2017   20:00 Uhr



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Guantanamo Baywatch (Portland, US-OR, Suicide Squeeze Records)
Dienstag, 5. September 2017
Bumann & SOHN, Köln
Einlass 19 Uhr, Beginn 20 Uhr
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Conjuring up a swampy fusion of surf, garage rock, and rockabilly that suggests The Cramps hitting the beach midway through a drunken bender, Guantanamo Baywatch are a group from Portland, Oregon determined to bring good, trashy fun back to rock & roll.


Halfway between LA and Phoenix on a desolate stretch of I-10 lies Desert Center, a mostly abandoned town that mainly serves as a gas stop along the barren interior of California. It also was the place where Portland punks' lead singer Jason Powell first farted in front of his girlfriend, resulting in their use of “desert centering” as code for passing gas. But Guantanamo Baywatch’s new album Desert Center isn’t an ode to bodily functions or breaking down comfort barriers within relationships. Rather, it’s a perfect reminder of the ecstatic rabble-rousing documentation of life in America’s lonely outposts offered up by that first wave of electric guitar pioneers. The album is perfectly balancing rollicking instrumentals against straight up old school rock n’ roll, combining soulful swagger and unabashed pop, blazing instrumental nuggets as well as proto-grunge and golden oldies mash-ups. But most notably Guantanamo Baywatch are a live band echoing Mike Watt’s philosophy with Minutemen where records were meant to support tours, rather than tours serving to support records.

‘They've slicked surf-rock's salty hair back, jacked doo-wop melodies up on distortion and bad intentions, and rebuilt Dick Dale's riffy showmanship around carnal pop ideals.’ - Noisey

Album: Desert Center (4.8.2017, Suicide Squeeze)

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Wegbeschreibung Guantanamo Baywatch (US) Köln

  • Bumann & SOHN

    Bartholomäus-Schink-Str. 2
    50825 Cologne

  • Tue. 05.09.2017   20:00 Uhr
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