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The Mystery Lights

  Bumann & SOHN, Köln  Do. 26.09.2019   19:00 Uhr



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Popanz präsentiert
The Mystery Lights (New York City US, Daptone/Wick)
Donnerstag, 26. September 2019
Bumann & Sohn, Köln
Einlass 19Uhr, Beginn 20Uhr

Tickets: https://popanz.ticket.io/nc46q6th/
und im Underdog Recordstore.

The Mystery Lights' explosive live shows gradually became the stuff of legend, as the quintet won their following one fan at a time in dives from Brooklyn to the Bowery. Organically unfolding over the nights months and years, the Lights' sound has evolved into a fuzz-fueled hopped-up 21st Century take on 60s garage pebbles, and artful 70s punk, that is all their own. When Daptone Records launched their Wick Records rock imprint, they wasted no time approaching The Mystery Lights as their inaugural act and released The Mystery Lights' debut LP.

After two years of break-neck, non-stop touring, the group settled back into Queens to prepare for their second full- length record, "Too Much Tension" (out May 2019). With Wayne Gordon in the producer's chair and several intense writing sessions under their belt the group were at Daptone's House of Soul and ready to track. While keeping the hard-hitting approach of the first LP, "TMT" finds the group digging deeper into their well of eclectic influences, enriching their sound while echoing the past. Mixing the eerie, insistent synth sounds of groups like The Normal and Suicide, the energy and swagger of punk's golden age, the pop sensibility of The Kinks, and the stark, deliberate execution of Television – The Mystery Lights are taking their idiosyncratic brand of rock and roll to dizzying new heights.

Too Much Tension https://youtu.be/ZS0lQMctZrE
Live From The House of Soul https://youtu.be/Vs0BUKTNjKA

'The Mystery Lights are as good as it gets, one of New York's finest garage rock bands at the moment.' - NME

'There's a stoned, analog atmosphere hanging over everything, but there's a fire and toughness, too. [Mike] Brandon, like Charles Bradley and Sharon Jones before him, performs with a power and vigor that keeps him undeniable.' - Pitchfork

'Captivating, (..) firmly rooted in the tradition of Sixties garage and gritty NYC punk.' - Rolling Stone

'The Mystery Lights have been making a name for themselves as one of NYC's best garage rock bands, and certainly as one of the best live shows.' - Brooklyn Vegan

Wegbeschreibung The Mystery Lights

  • Bumann & SOHN

    Bartholomäus-Schink-Straße 2
    50825 Köln

  • Do. 26.09.2019   19:00 Uhr
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