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  Bumann & SOHN, Köln  Thu. 27/07/2023   19:00

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Thu. 27/07/2023

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One could be forgiven for getting that familiar feeling when listening to the music of
Ghost Woman. And that's not just because songwriter & multi-instrumentalist Evan Uschenko is
deeply steeped in classic guitar-led rock & pop songwriting (more on that later), it's that the
music was, by design, intended to be evocative. But not evocative, however, of any one thing;
what separates the music of Ghost Woman from a great many other bands working today is his
openness to non-specificity. He's not trying to impart any sort of message to the listener;
instead, the hope is that one will find themselves luxuriating in nuances of how the music is
delivered, and the feelings it stirs up for each individual.

Since 2016, Ghost Woman has been Evan Uschenko's outlet for his interest in
songwriting and recording, which began after a number of years spent playing as a sideman in
various Canadian indie ensembles, most notably in the Michael Rault band, a group that
displays a similar affinity for perfectly dialed, partially yesteryear-looking guitar pop. Following
2022's self-titled debut, issued by UK-based Full Time Hobby to great critical acclaim, Anne, If
presents a slightly more expansive vision of what Ghost Woman can offer.

Wegbeschreibung GHOST WOMAN

  • Bumann & SOHN

    Bartholomäus-Schink-Straße 2
    50825 Köln

  • Thu. 27/07/2023   19:00
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