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location_onBumann & SOHN, Köln calendar_monthThu. 02/05/2024 schedule19:00

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Will Anderson believes in true love — as both concept and catalyst, aspiration and inspiration.
During his 34 years, the Hotline TNT founder and architect has found such love perhaps half-a-
dozen times. Each instance has prompted some enormous swing of commitment, like a cross-
country move or simply being honest about his budding attraction. It is a hopeful and vulnerable
way to exist, a way to ensure maximum bruising during the fall of the breakup. And so far for
Anderson, that is how it has always ended, whether the air has slowly seeped out of some once-
full balloon or whether it has simply popped, those expanded feelings expelled in an instant.
This tension is the brain, blood, and beating heart of Cartwheel, Hotline TNT’s second LP and an
endlessly romantic testament to reaching for something that slips forever out of grasp. The
byproduct of Anderson’s decades-long quest to pin down the surging sound long in his head,
Hotline TNT has come to notice in the last four years through loose association with a feverish
surge of shoegaze revivalism. And Hotline TNT indeed trucks in the touchstones you might
expect: skywriting guitars that bathe in fluorescent hazes of distortion, blown-out drums that
pound as though they’re trying to escape a concrete box, and honeyed vocals that try to rise
above the chaotic mess in true-to-life mimesis.

Wegbeschreibung HOTLINE TNT

  • location_on

    Bumann & SOHN

    Bartholomäus-Schink-Straße 2
    50825 Köln

  • calendar_month
    Thu. 02/05/2024
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