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location_onBumann & SOHN, Köln calendar_monthÇar. 19.10.2023 schedule19:00

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calendar_monthÇar. 19.10.2023
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"BEAM/S” is a near 8-minute dreamy epic that touches on midwestern slowcore as well as afrobeat-style percussion. That it simply ends up sounding like an Orielles song is testament to their uniqueness." - Fader

Do, 19. Oktober 2023
Bumann & SOHN, Köln
Einlass 19:00, Beginn 20:00

Since forming in the West Yorkshire town of Halifax, over a decade ago whilst still in their early teens, the Orielles have journeyed from lo-fi DIY indie origins (Silver Dollar Moment, Heavenly Recordings 2018) to Stereolab and A Certain Ratio inspired avant-pop (Disco Volador, Heavenly Recordings 2020), even directing and scoring their own experimental film (La Vita Olistica, 2021).

Now, with new album Tableau (Heavenly Recordings, 2022), the Orielles have created their first genuinely contemporary record - an experimental double album self-produced in collaboration with producer Joel Anthony Patchett (King Krule, Tim Burgess). In doing so, the Orielles have utilised holistic jazz practices, oblique 21st century electronica, experimental 1960s tape loop methods, otherworldly AutoTuned vocal sounds, the downer dub of Burial, Sonic Youth’s focus on improvisation and feedback, and Brian Eno’s legendary Oblique Strategy cards.

"On their fourth album, Tableau, the exploratory, ambitious side of The Orielle's music has never been clearer." - The Guardian ★★★★

"Stereolab and Broadcast are clear influences, but this double album also takes in electronica, dub, neo-classical and minimalism." - Uncut Magazine ★★★★

"The Orielles demonstrate their versatility and true capabilities as musicians through 16 tracks, which is easily their best work to date... Tableau is an immersive and rewarding listen that teases an exciting future for the band." - Far Out Magazine ★★★★

"The progression from their previous material to this really cannot be understated. The advance is huge, widescreen in its intention, but with sleepy eyes, awake, but still in a dream." - The Line Of Best Fit 9/10

"Tableau’ sees the The Orielles venture into the unknown, with the sole ambition of testing their limits (or lack thereof). They succeed, resurfacing with new vision, and setting an example of what can occur when artists have the opportunity to revel in full, untethered, boundless creativity." - Clash Music 9/10

Wegbeschreibung THE ORIELLES

  • location_on

    Bumann & SOHN

    Bartholomäus-Schink-Straße 2
    50825 Köln

  • calendar_month
    Çar. 19.10.2023
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